Creating Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles


Highlighting can be an exciting way to spice up your natural hair, and natural-looking balayage hairstyle styles, in particular, can lend you do a very soft, subtle touch while adding an all-new dimension of life to your locks. Many of us get bored with our hair color but simply do not wish to erase it completely. However, balayage hairstyle highlights accomplish exactly that. This technique highlights the hair shaft with natural-looking curls that appear to have been lifted straight from your scalp. In addition, because the curls are natural-looking, you will not have to deal with the frizz so commonly associated with curly-haired highlights.

Best Balayage Los Angeles style is suited for those who wish for a slightly richer, fuller look. For example, if you have blonde hair, but prefer it dark or golden blond, a golden blond balayage hairstyle might suit you well. Alternatively, blonde hair with a hint of brunettes could benefit from a darker tone; nonetheless, this highlights blonde hair more than it does brunettes. Likewise, those with red hair can benefit from a lighter tone for a more radiant look.

To complete the look, select a medium length, straightish-edged style with plenty of height. The right hair dye will help determine the level of intensity needed in your highlights. If you desire dark, add more color and a little more hair dye for a more dramatic effect. If you have blonde hair but prefer it light or pale, simply select a balayage hairstyle that emphasizes the highlights in the hair color you have chosen. If your natural hair color is strawberry blond, select a lighter shade of hair color with more of a golden glow to brighten up your overall look.

A medium length style worn with an upswept hairstyle or other style that has its roots in the back is a classic balayage hairstyle. This look is appropriate for all hair colors, including brunettes and blondes, and works well for all occasions. Medium length hairstyles with its natural waves add drama and interest when worn with an upswept hairstyle. Wearing a balayage hairstyle with its natural wave adds visual interest with a casual outfit. Likewise, wearing a longer version with a straight hairstyle makes the style work well with almost any type of hair cut and style.

An easy hairstyle that can be worn for all occasions is the bob cut, which is a simple variation of the classic bob hairstyle. The bob cut features hair that is parted in the middle and left long enough to brush the back of one’s shoulders. The center of the bob is cut short, while the sides and bangs fall near the jaw. This technique, which is available in black and brown highlights, looks good on all types of faces and hair tones.

Another easy hairstyle to create is the rose gold balayage. This style is appropriate for those who have light skin and dark hair. With this hairstyle, the layers are graduated from light to dark, highlighting just the center of the hair where it forms a layered appearance. Long, straight hair is perfect for this hairstyle, which highlights the front and sides of the head. If you have long dark hair, you may opt to have short, medium, or long strands, depending on how you would like your hair to look.

A more sophisticated variation of the classic balayage is the French twist. To achieve this style, you will need a longer French roll or braid and a curling iron with ceramic plates. You will then pin your hair into place using the curling iron and carefully blow-dry your hair. You can then use a large mirror to direct the light where you would like your highlights to be, including your collar bone and the top of your ears. A subtle rose-colored hue works best.

In order to create soft shades of colors that will not fade when you go to bed, you can use gel markers. Simply outline your scalp with one of these markers and then fill in the area with gel. You should wait until it dries before applying your balayage style to your locks. Gel markers will give you the same dimensions as your favorite balayage style and will blend beautifully with your natural hair texture. When you wake up in the morning, your highlights will still be there!